Phone Support Services

Smartphones are more like a need in today’s day-to-day life and are ever-present in today’s tech-obsessed landscape. We use phones for everything from taking pictures and videos, surfing the web, to word processing, playing games, researching, banking, reading, emailing, chatting, texting GPS and maps, making video calls, – even talking on the phone!

Even though smartphones have only been in the world for a relatively very short period of time, but many of us cannot imagine a life without them. Today, phones have replaced our address books, and similarly, in many cases, our tablets have replaced our desktop entirely, with its robust processing power that can take on just about any task we need to accomplish at any time.

With endless possibilities and so many ways to use these smartphones, the process can seem quite complex. Do not overwhelm with everything that your smartphone can do, let American Software Technology help you get to the heart of the matter so that you can get on with what you do the best.


Solutions We Offer
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

  • Hands-free device control

  • Moving or restoring phone data

  • Cloud storage and backups

  • Security and anti-theft settings of the phone

  • Software troubleshooting

  • Connection and control of smart home devices and apps

  • How-to’s for many popular apps

  • Camera and microphone settings of phone

  • Software and apps updates

  • The configuration of your phone settings

  • The configuration of system and app notifications

  • Optimization and management of your device storage

  • Customization of the phone home screen

  • Errors and crashes troubleshooting

  • Shortcuts and other cool tricks

Apart from solving above given issues, our phone technicians will also make you walk through various unexplored features of the smartphone and help you use them to derive maximum benefit from your smartphone. Our skilled and experienced technicians will keep you entirely at ease and take very less time to resolve your phone issue. In case if it’s something that turns out to be a time-consuming problem, we offer a call back facility at your convenience. Simply call us on our toll-free support number and let our professional tech experts assist you with tailor-made technical help for your smartphones.

Our phone support team of professionals are trained to provide phone support. Our trained professionals can provide its customers with immediate information about the products/services they are looking for. Our team has been trained to cross-sell and up-sell to customers.